Light Fabric Inkjet Printable Heat Transfer Paper

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This HTV is for LIGHT fabrics. It is 8.5 x 11", and has a blue grid so you can tell the difference in the light and dark fabrics. These are not available in yard rolls.


  • 375°F
  • 15-20 seconds
  • Peel paper while still hot, stretch garment slightly after peeling
  • Medium to firm
  • White or light colored garments, cotton, polyester, and blends. *No nylon
  • Wait 24 hours before first wash, wash inside out in cold water, dry low heat

Additional Instructions


  • Create or select your design on your computer
  • Mirror the image for light garments
  • Load the paper so that the image will appear on the coated side of the paper (non-printed side)
  • Print the design and allow it to dry
  • Trim away the unprinted areas of the transfer if desired


  • Preheat the garment for a few seconds to remove wrinkles and moisture
  • Place the transfer on top of the garment with the image side down
  • Cover the entire image area with a teflon sheet if desired
  • Press with commerical heat press 
  • 15 to 20 seconds 
  • 375° F using heavy pressure
  • Peal paper while still hot
  • We recommend stretch the garment


  • Leave finished item for at least 24 hours before washing
  • Turn garment inside out and wash in cold water using a mild detergent
  • Do not use bleach
  • Dry on low heat setting
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not iron directly on the transferred area


  • Store unused sheets in a resealable poly bag on a flat, cool and dry area